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Property Report - Features Overview

You have the expertise they can rely on; Purview provides you with information you can depend on.

  • See property information like you’ve never seen before
  • Use technology to identify and separate the good deals from the bad
  • Make closing deals easier and more efficient

With the Purview for Mortgage Brokers property report you can:

  • Validate property ownership, home equity and property value with the same information most lenders use
  • Increase your closure rates by spotting troublesome deals before they are submitted
  • Drive more business such as refinancing, private lending or home equity lines of credit
  • Optimize your LTV ratio by getting a clear picture of the value range of a property
  • Strengthen client and lender relationships with a stronger market understanding and quality submissions

With Purview for Mortgage Brokers, you can become a trusted advisor of property information, housing and neighbourhood trends for your customers and lenders.

Property Report

Property Details

View property details and visually inspect the location

Ownership and Sales History

Confirm all owners on title and view the sales history of the property.

Estimated Value

Quickly determine property value & optimize the size of your client’s loan.

Equity Estimate

View mortgage information on title and generate an equity estimate.

Comparable Sales

Identify neighbourhood trending and understand market activity.